About Me


I am a psychotherapist helping other clinicians and wellness professionals like you build thriving, six-figure private practices.

I provide the tools you need to consistently market your brand, build and design your practice, and continue to attract the clients you want.

Having a love for both psychology and design for most of my life, I couldn't wait to start my own practice! What I do never feels like work - web and graphic design has been one of my favorite hobbies since age 10. And clinically, my love for the field and for helping others translates into my passion for supervising and empowering other wellness professionals to pursue their dreams of building a thriving practice!

Within my ten years of clinical practice, I've experienced the grit, vision, and consistency that are key in creating a successful practice. Beyond clinical knowledge, knowing what does work in building a business is crucial in creating a profitable practice! Throughout my decade-long journey, I've made mistakes and learned valuable lessons that I love to share with colleagues and supervisees. These valuable lessons have helped me create a system for launching, establishing, growing, and maintaining a fulfilling, successful practice!

Clinical knowledge is the foundation of a practice - there's no doubt about that. But I've found throughout my own clinical journey that many clinicians aren't comfortable or knowledgeable about the business and marketing sides of having a practice, two key components in making your practice profitable and successful. This is why I decided to start Harper & Everly LLC in 2018 - to help friends and colleagues build thriving practices, consistent with their visions, allowing the freedom and flexibility we all deserve!

Cheers to your successful practice! 🥂