Web Services

Designing and coding websites has been one of my favorite hobbies since I was ten years old! I've made countless websites since then - ones for myself, my business, my colleagues' businesses, and my friends' personal and business needs. Nowadays, having an Internet presence is crucial for your business and your brand. An awesome website is a necessity!

When building and designing your website, we'll collaborate to make sure that your brand, your needs, your vision, and your personality are reflected in its presentation. I'm all about ease of navigation, and incorporating your unique brand into a layout/design. Let's take a look at what I can help you accomplish:




You don't have a website, and maybe you feel overwhelmed, confused, and unsure how to start. You may be overwhelmed by all the technical terms, too, so no worries if this list feels like a foreign language - it definitely can be sometimes!

I can help you:

  • Register a domain
  • Choose a host or platform
  • Install and setup WordPress

*Wordpress is my preferred content management system, since it's user friendly and can be easily maintained. But I can work with any other types of platforms and CMS!


Already have a website? Fantastic! A tune up is great for professionals who are wanting more from their website. "More" could be content, traffic, design, professionalism - you name it!

Once your website is established, I can help you:

  • Install and customize a theme/layout ($70/hr)
  • Copywriting ($25/page)
  • Review your website to evaluate its needs ($20)
  • Audit your website, including SEO, coding, content, design, etc ($135)
  • Optimize your SEO ($25/page)

The technical parts of creating and maintaining a website can be overwhelming. Choosing a host, a platform, and even just getting started leaves many wellness professionals frustrated and unmotivated. Save yourself the time and stress by scheduling your free consult today!

If you're struggling to maintain your website and content, I offer a maintenance service, too! I can assist and care for your website after its launch, making sure your content is updated and backed up, monitoring security and necessary updates, and giving you more freedom to focus on your practice and yourself! Pricing depends on your needs, so reach out to discuss what you're looking for and we can make a unique plan for your practice.